07.09.2018 – the Twisted Sisters Sideshow + Flip le Doof + Zsolt Sörés + Kadonnut Manner

Vendredi 7 septembre , lâchage de Freaks à la Prise !  Au programme, un Circus side show reversant – the Twisted Sisters Sideshow –  et  trois concerts de one man band – Flip le Doof & Zsolt Sörés & Kadonnut Manner – plus déjanté les uns des autres !

Twisted Sister Sideshow Presents Crash test:
A Brand new show by: Zora van der Blast and Princess Tweedle Needle

This cosmic duo is ready to present you a brand new show that will literally turn you upside down in your seats! Both coming from a wide variety of circus background these ladies have put together a comical stuntshow that pushes the boundaries of what is humanly possible! They combine Circus, classical sideshow, comedy, physical theatre and put their own special Twist to it!! So let these ladies take you on a wild ride, make you cry with laughter, shock and amaze you! Their show is filled with comical and often dangerous stunts! Sword swallowing, Beds of Nails, Human block head and many many more classical sideshow tricks performed in a whole new way!

About the performers:

Zora van der Blast:

Zora is a Polish aerialist, contortionist and bonafide heart breaker, with the strongest ass in the universe (no, really)! She comes from a long line of experimental theatrical performers, doing movies, performance art, acting and circus. Zora holds an enormous passion for latex, sarcasm and adventure, showcasing her glorious nomadic talents in the National Theater of Poland and circus festivals worldwide.

Princess Tweedle Needle:

Princess Tweedle Needle is A fearless and ferocious femme fatale! Tweedle combines traditional fakir stunts with outrageous and sideshow acts. She’s charming, comical, and completely fearless. Tweedle lifts strange items with stranger body parts. This sideshow Princess travels worldwide with her solo show La Macheta, with the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow She produced and toured with the Demented Dolls of Sideshow the first all female traveling sideshow and with many other companies and collaborations such as the World Sideshow Festival in Australia and the Sadistic Circus in Japan

Flip le Doof

Zsolt Sőrés


Kadonnut Manner

Drawing influences from John Fahey school of American Primitive Guitar playing, country blues of Skip James and Mississippi John Hurt and finnish folk music, my music has been described as cinematic, raw and emotional, featuring lots of open tunings, hot syncopation and driving rhythms and expanding the country blues form with things borrowed from different folk traditions, 20th century classical music and other inspiring sources.




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